Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips for Searching the Web

There are a variety of search engines out there and I tend to use Google.
If you are getting to many hits when you are trying to search for your surname try these simple search tips.
Search by putting the name "Joe Bailey" in quotation marks.
Use quotation marks to keep a string of words together when performing a search.
Add the word AND in capitals and the words family history OR a place name
"joe Bailey" AND family history
See how many results you get.
Try your surname combined with a place name
"joe bailey" AND somerset

Remember if an index or database is sorted by surname first you won't find the entry using the forename first when searching. Try reversing the order by putting the surname first folllowed by the forename when searching. "Bailey Joe". Other useful tips can be found at  Search Tips & Tricks

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