Saturday, June 30, 2012

Australian Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

I recently came across this new website which is collecting birth, death & marriage certificates and transcriptions. You can search a pdf document to locate an entry and contact the owner via email for a transcription of the record. The details are FREE. This site compliments a number of websites offering to share details from unwanted certificates or certificates that have been purchased in error. Australian Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The new website has lots of new material including images of original documents. Recently the (IGI) International Genealogical Index was added and this FREE website continues to bring many surprises. For those of you who have Australian interests see the latest additions for Queensland and Tasmania FANTASTIC STUFF!
If you are having trouble navigating this new site and want to search for the (IGI) International Genealogical Index follow the below steps.

1. Click on 'All Record Collections'
2. In the search box type 'international' and a link to the IGI will appear
OR under 'Collections'
select 'other' from the table
scroll down the alphabetical list to I for International to find the IGI.
Don't forget to check out  the heading 'Availability' (at the bottom of the page)  click on the box to view only collections with images
A large amount of records have been digitised and you can see images of the original documents.

Scottish Wills & Testaments

Recent changes to the  ScotlandsPeople website has made it easier to view and download Wills and Testaments 1513-1901. The changes have also brought about a change in the payment method. Images of the Wills and Testaments can now be viewed using ScotlandsPeople credits. The price has also been reduced from £5 to the introductory price of 10 credits. In the near future the wills database will be expanded and you will be able to purchase Wills and Testaments from 1902 to 1925. Read full article


Some interesting articles can be found in GenealogyInTime Magazine. GenealogyInTime is a free online family history magazine. An article titled top trends in genealogy includes a list of the top 100 most popular family history websites. Also an interesting article on tips to create and maintain an interesting family history Blog. If you are interested in storing information 'in the Cloud' Google has launched a service called Google Drive and is similar to Dropbox read more...
GenealogyInTime Magazine

Beaconsfield & Tamar Cemeteries, Tasmania

The West Tamar Council has an online index to the following cemeteries Auld Kirk Uniting, Beaconsfield, Frankford, St Canice RC Glengarry, Supply River Uniting Winkleigh & Winkleigh Cemeteries. Details may include name, date of death, religion, grave location, section and number.
West Tamar Council Cemeteries

Leongatha Cemetery, Victoria

Index and photos of memorials in the Leongatha cemetery are available online. The cemetery is located on the corner of McCartin and Begg Streets Leongatha. Leongatha Cemetery

Victorian & Edwardian Portrait Photography

The RootsChat Collection of Victorian and Edwardian Portrait Photography. Genealogists are always in search of family photos and this website aims to reunite long lost or unclaimed photos and albums containing family portraits. The collection is divided into 4 sections, UK, non UK, Harris Album & Jerome Collection. Can you identify a family member amongst these collections? Help reunite family photos. Contact the website owner for further information about the photos. The RootsChat Collection of Victorian & Edwardian Portrait Photography

Monday, June 25, 2012

South Australian Obituaries

Search for South Australian Obituaries by simply selecting a letter from the alphabetical table on the home page. Details include transcriptions of obituaries and some entries have photos of the deceased or a photo of their memorial. South Australian Obituaries

Friday, June 22, 2012

Australian Theatre

If you have an ancestor that was performing on stage you may find this website about the History of Australian Theatre (HAT) of interest. The History of Australian Theatre Archive includes a database of 18,500 names associated with the theatre along with brief biographies and a photo archive.
Hat Archive

Australian maps

Visit Mapco to view old maps including Australian states and cities. The earliest NSW map dates from 1796. The site also has photos of historical interest including early Australian cities. Also of interest are several 1915 maps of Gallipoli.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tasmanian Cemeteries

If you are looking for a cemetery in Tasmania below is a link to the Tasmanian Family History Society's list. Headstone inscriptions are available on TAMIOT (Tombstone & Memorial Inscriptions of Tasmania) available on microfiche & CD-rom Tasmania Cemeteries