Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The new FamilySearch.org website has lots of new material including images of original documents. Recently the (IGI) International Genealogical Index was added and this FREE website continues to bring many surprises. For those of you who have Australian interests see the latest additions for Queensland and Tasmania FANTASTIC STUFF!
If you are having trouble navigating this new site and want to search for the (IGI) International Genealogical Index follow the below steps.

1. Click on 'All Record Collections'
2. In the search box type 'international' and a link to the IGI will appear
OR under 'Collections'
select 'other' from the table
scroll down the alphabetical list to I for International to find the IGI.
Don't forget to check out  the heading 'Availability' (at the bottom of the page)  click on the box to view only collections with images
A large amount of records have been digitised and you can see images of the original documents.

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